Discovering Cooloola

DISCOVERING COOLOOLA – Australia’s Great Sandy National Park

This superb documentary covers the varied landscapes and remarkable wildlife that make up Cooloola. From the air and the land you will see the extensive coastline, a perched lake, a massive sand blow, dense rainforest and a truly spectacular river and lake system. See also the birds, reptiles, mammals and marine life that enjoy the protection of this unique national park.

The Great Sandy National Park represents one of the wonders of the natural world -home to the largest vegetated dune system on the planet. The history of the region, from prehistoric times through Aboriginal occupation to the present day makes for a fascinating story.

For the visitor, Cooloola offers a unique and remarkably uncrowded wilderness experience. Enjoy the wilds of Cooloola from the comfort of your armchair.

The 15 minute DVD costs $15 (PAL format only). This includes a contribution toward the work of NPA.

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