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Craft beer and cool science – a potent brew

EnviroForum is our monthly science-meets-beer event where you can sip a coldie while becoming informed about environmental issues affecting your community, Australia and the world.

Come along to Land & Sea Brewery, Noosa’s first and original craft beer brewery, and quench your thirst for knowledge. We’ll supply the scientists and experts—you just need to bring an open mind.

Become one of a new wave of environmental activists, or simply socialise and network with like-minded people.


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Noisy Minor bird


Australia’s diminishing woodland soundscape: How a fellow native bird is having a deadly impact

Speaker: Professor Martine Maron – The University of Queensland

Australia is the place where songbirds first evolved. So how is it that a widespread community of over 100 species has declined to the point that it now meets the criteria for an Endangered Ecological Community under Australia’s National Biodiversity legislation?

We know the usual suspects:


  • Habitat loss through deforestation to meet human food needs (cows for example)
  • Introduced feral species (cats in particular
  • Urbanisation (development without consideration to environmental consequences)
  • Natural disasters (fires for sure)

However, there is also another major threat. Introducing our very own hyper-aggressive native Noisy Miner (not to be confused with the Common or Indian Myna). The Noisy Miner is now nationally listed as a Key Threatening Species.

“If we can learn how to manage this bird, we could potentially free up vast areas of woodland for endangered woodland birds. I will describe the findings of recent experiments to control the noisy miner and outline some tough decisions we need to take to keep the Australian bush loud with birdsong.” — Professor Martine Maron


“What is the bush without birdsong? We take our woodland birds for granted but there is now a real and immediate danger that a sound known to all will die. Is culling the answer?” — Brian Young, EnviroForum


Martine Maron is Professor of Environmental Management and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at The University of Queensland. She is also Deputy Director of The Threatened Species Recovery Hub and leads its policy research Theme.


She leads an international working group which is developing a new approach to aligning ecological compensation with conservation targets. She has a special interest in how to manage the aggressive noisy miner to restore woodland bird communities.


Event details

When: Wednesday 26 February
Where: Land and Sea Brewery, 19 Venture Drive, Noosaville
Time: 6.15pm to 7.30pm (come early as Happy Hour is from 4pm to 6pm)

Great food is available for purchase from the brewery menu. 

A $5 contribution per person is welcome (kids 15 years and under are free). All monies collected goes towards the great work done by the Noosa Parks Association, including the purchase of land for national parks to create safe biodiversity corridors, especially for koalas. Noosa Parks Association is a fully volunteer organisation


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About Enviroforum

EnviroForum is held in the events room at Land & Sea Brewery on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except December.

The guest speaker is on from 6.15pm to 7.30pm, including time for Q&A.

With EnviroForum, we are reaching out to people in the Noosa community who are looking to be educated, motivated and active in important environmental matters that affect not just Noosa but Australia and the world.


Our speakers

Our speakers are experts in their field, and bring you evidence-based information acquired through robust scientific research and/or practical applications of science in the field.

We choose our speakers carefully. They must have a great reputation, be it in academic circles or other professional institutions. They must be passionate about their research and use it to educate and influence community thinking on environmental matters. Speakers must be able to engage with the audience and both inspire thought as well as create healthy
debate and discourse.


Why we chose to partner with a brewery

We chose Land & Sea Brewery to be our event partner because:


  • they have good environmental values in how they want to run their business and their role in the community
  • their set-up is professional, buzzy and projects the image we want for EnviroForum
  • they have great food and a fantastic range of craft beer, so you can socialise and network with like-minded people before and after the event.


Where your $5 entry fee goes

Entrance to the event room is $5 per head. All this money goes towards the purchase of land for safe refuges for our biodiversity, including koalas.

Our strategy is to link together Noosa, Tewantin and Cooloola national parks to provide biodiversity corridors of safety and refuge in the face of negative human interventions and global climate change.

Most recently, we have committed to paying one third of the cost of purchasing 2400 hectares of mainly exotic plantation forest from HQPlantations, transforming it into a corridor of koala-friendly national park, and linking and extending Tewantin National Park with Cooloola Great Sandy National Park. Noosa Council and the Queensland Government will contribute the other two thirds of this $3.5 million project.

Your donation goes fully towards our payments, which will see this large tract of land become national park.


Become a member for as little as $5

We encourage you to become a member of Noosa Parks Association. We offer outdoor activities and opportunities to volunteer, and your membership goes towards the purchase of land for national parks.


  • Student membership is $5 for 2019 then $25 next year (under 30 with a student ID).
  • Single membership is $33 per year.
  • Family membership is $55 per year.