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Noosa Parks Association takes a lead role in protecting Noosa’s environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Advocacy and active campaigning are some of the ways our volunteer project officers work to make a difference.

Noosa Biosphere Reserve

NPA submitted Expressions of Interest for Noosa Biosphere Foundation (NBRF) grants for these three projects:

  1. Project 1 World Heritage Recognition of Noosa Community by 2035
  2. Project 2 Bringing Back Noosa Fish
  3. Project 3 Biodiversity Connectivity

NBRF responded positively to NPA’s proposals and in their NBRF Letter requested this detailed submission for the project Bringing Fish Live Back to the Noosa River, Lakes and Estuary.  In December 2015 Noosa Council gave approval to NBRF for multi-year expenditure for Project 2 Bringing Back the Fish.

Noosa River System

NPA is committed to seeing significant recovery of the abundance and diversity of marine habitat and marine life in the Noosa River and lakes system and in Laguna Bay.  On the basis of an expert workshop of scientists, initiated by NPA, the Noosa Council supported scientific studies by internationally acclaimed The Nature Conservancy into oyster recruitment rates and historical patterns of prawn and fish stock.  These studies’ findings showed fish stock were once plentiful and that it would be possible to regenerate the river habitat to bring back the fish.  For more details and the expert reports see Restoration of Noosa Estuary: An Assessment of Oyster Recruitment and Historical Ecology of the Noosa Estuary Fisheries.

NPA funded an ‘Assessment of Oyster Habitat in Noosa River Estuary‘ by Ecological Service Professionals in 2016 for submission to Noosa Shire Council. You can read the submission here – click here

NPA made a submission to the Queensland Fisheries Management Review, highlighting the pending scientific studies in the Noosa River and lakes system. In May 2015 the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries released a Report for public comment.

Cooroy Broiler Farm

In July 2015 NPA expressed its opposition to the proposed Cooroy, broiler farm (currently an avocada orchard at 136 Top Forestry Road, Ridgewood) due to its potential impact on lifestyle and amenity of neighbouring residents and implications for the Noosa clean and green brand.

In November 2015, a Council staff assessment report recommended to Noosa Councillors that the Development Application be approved.
In response NPA sent this Letter to the Mayor and each Councillor to restate NPA reasons for opposing the DA.

The Noosa Council rejected the application in December 2015.  In January 2016 the applicant lodged an appeal in the Planning & Environment Court.  In February Council agreed to defend the appeal and three local residents have joined the Council as co-respondents

Queensland Planning Reform

NPA supports Government intent to improve the efficiencies of the planning system.  In order to ensure appropriate and sustainable development, NPA is committed to local autonomy in planning and development matters and to the community having a say.

NPA has lodged the following at different stages of the law review process:

  • NPA Submission July 2015 objecting to elements in the LNP private member’s Planning and Development Bills which propose a diminution of local authority and public participation.
  • NPA Submission July 2015 to the Government in relation to its May 2015 Better Planning for Queenslanddirections paper, urging differentiation from the LNP bills.
  • NPA Submission October 2015 on the Government draft Planning Bills, highlighting key issues such as the proposal that public notification in newspapers be discretionary and the removal of key elements out of the Act into subsidiary instruments.
  • NPA Submission January 2016 to parliamentary Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee on the Government planning bills tabled in parliament
  • NPA Submission January 2016 on Government draft planning support instruments

Related NPA media releases are also being published in to local newspapers – see our MEDIA webpage.

Noosa Civic

QIC Noosa Civic Pty Ltd applied to Noosa Council for ‘material change of use’ to more than double the Noosa Civic retail floor space.  The Noosa Plan has this strategically significant land zoned for non-retail commercial expansion, as opposed to retail expansion.

See NPA Submission opposing the change of use and NPA news articles and letters can be read on our MEDIAwebpages, calling for adherence to the Noosa Plan to ensure diversification of the Noosa economy and employment.

Noosa Council rejected the application in September 2015.

On 23 October 2015, QIC Noosa Civic Pty Ltd lodged an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court.  Noosa Council agreed to defend the appeal.

Noosa on Weyba

NPA joined forces with Friends of Weyba and Sunshine Coast Environment Council to oppose the Northbrook Corporation development application for 1000 houses, which would have significant impacts on the natural environment. Both Noosa Council and Sunshine Coast Council rejected the proposal.

The developer appealed and made amendments to instead propose 250 houses. On 3 June 2015 the Planning and Environment Court ruled the amendments constitute major, not minor, changes, a decision that would require the developer to re-advertise the amended proposal if it was to proceed. However the developer is faced with a tight deadline as its Biodiversity Agreement will lapse on 31 December 2015.

In August 2015 the developer formally advised the Land and Environment Court that it is discontinuing its appeal.

Noosa North Shore

NPA is becoming increasingly confident that all of the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, as well as the Noosa River and Lakes system upstream from Tewantin, will be National Heritage listed, consistent with NPA’s submission on this matter to the Ausralian Heritage Commission in 2008.

Noosa World Surfing Reserve

The awarding of National Surfing Reserve status to Noosa resulted from the hard work of beach users and community groups including Noosa Parks Association, Tourism Noosa, Noosa Surf Club, Noosa Malibu Club, Noosa Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, and Sunshine Coast Sports Federation.  This was a first step in a campaign to see Noosa’s waters dedicated as a World Surfing Reserve, one of only a handful in the world and just two in Australia.

World Surfing Reserve status was awarded in October 2015 to beaches on the Gold Coast from Burleigh Heads through to Snapper Rocks.

See Noosa National Surfing Reserve.

Quad Bikes at Cooran

In 2012 NPA submitted an objection but the then Sunshine Coast Regional Council approved a temporary permit for quad bike training at a Cooran property for Quad Bike Tours in Woondum National Park.  NPA remains opposed to the presence of quad bikes in national parks.  In March 2015 the proponent applied to have its permit extended unconditionally, NPA made its objections known to Noosa Councillors. In June 2015 Council decided that, rather than grant a permanent arrangement, they would only extend the existing conditional permit to 31 March 2018, coinciding with the end of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection approval for quad bike tours in Woondum National Park.  This step will allow for review in 2018.