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Projects undertaken by Noosa Parks Association are many and varied.  They evolve according to demand and project officer availability.  To date many successful project outcomes have helped create the Noosa of today and the Noosa we love and seek to protect.

As developers became more influential and local/state government more lax about conservation issues, it was deemed necessary for a single person to take on a specific project and become the responsible person within NPA on that particular matter.

A project is any local matter that NPA management committee deem to be of sufficient environmental/conservation significance to warrant continuing attention. One of the ongoing challenges NPA faces is trying to ensure that there are sufficient NPA activists to take on the various projects acknowledged to be of importance.

An experienced NPA project officer is given a reasonable level of independence over his/her particular project.  If any decision of great significance is required, then this is raised at the monthly management committee meeting and a decision made as to the most appropriate course of action.  A project officer is the official NPA spokesperson on that matter and deals with the media as he/she deems appropriate.

The achievements of project officers have been varied and significant and have included:

  • Ensuring the formation of a visionary Town Plan, by working in close collaboration with the Playford-led Noosa councils of the 1980’s and early 1990’s – this ensured that excessive development was prevented.  This remains the chief reason for the lack of big city symbols evident in Noosa today (lack of high rise, traffic lights and advertising signage to name but a few).
  • Cessation of sand mining and logging on Noosa North Shore with subsequent formation of Cooloola section of Great Sandy National Park.
  • Massive tracts of land south of the river now locked up in National Park or Forest reserve, including Tewantin National Park, Girraween Nature refuge, and the continuation of Noosa National Park all the way from the headland section south to Coolum.
  • Prevention of massive Titanium development application at Kin-Kin.
  • State and federal government support for the Cooloola section of Great Sandy National Park World Heritage listing application.