Committee & Project Officers

The Management Committee and Project Officers comprise the following people who continue to voluntarily give hours of their time and effort in order to protect this beautiful part of the world.

Management Committee

President Michael Gloster
1st Vice President Darlene Gower
2nd Vice President Duncan Hogg
Treasurer Adam Willemse
Honorary Secretary

Prue McGowan
Committee Members Mike Sackett
  Valerie Williams
  Brian Young
  John Chester-Freeman

Michael Tarrant

Project Officers

World Surfing Reserve

Libby Winter

Noosa River and Lake System

Brian Walsh

Bring Back the Fish

Michael Gloster, Brian Walsh

Yurol and Ringtail Forest

Michael Gloster, Mike Sackett.

Double Island Point

Darlene Gower

Noosa National Park Information Centre

Liz Smits, Glen Gloster, Mercedes De Campo.

Friday Environment Forum

Brian Young

Noosa Social Contract

Michael Tarrant

The project officers meeting with the management committee