Noosa Parks Association was established in 1962 and is today the Noosa region’s largest community group.

A DVD has been created to tell part of the group’s history: its battle to secure the Noosa National Park and also to prevent over-development of Noosa.

With superb aerial footage, spectacular scenery and stunning wildlife images, Keeping Noosa Natural is a feast for the eyes. But the film is more than just a showcase for our splendid neck-of-the-woods, it is also a homage to those who helped make Noosa special.

Noosa National Park

To obtain a copy of this 15 minute DVD, drop into one of the following Noosa locations:

If you are unable to personally make such a purchase, email

The DVD costs $15.00 including GST (PAL format only). This includes a contribution towards the work of Noosa Parks Association.